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This year as I hit the big 4.0 I felt a genuine and renewed thirst for life, desire for knowledge and an increasing sense of purpose. As I talked about this to others I quickly discovered that this decade is a turning point for everyone.

Collectively we have spent our twenties working hard and playing hard and our thirties working harder and playing less but with many more responsibilities. We have arrived at our forties having travelled, purchased property, had children and amassed a huge amount of skills and life experience. It is as if the past twenty years have laid the foundation for this new decade where we have information, ability and choices.

This blog is my sanctuary and in it I will be exploring what it means to be in ‘the forties’ whether that is through travel, food, wellness, inspiring people, giving back or new experiences and skills. For you it is something to read with your morning coffee, green juice or glass of wine at the end of the day.




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